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Promoting high converting offers on social networks netted us over $15,000 in a single month.


Still Struggling To Make Good Solid Money Online?

  • Wasting your days at a J.O.B. (work that keeps you Just Over Broke), while wasting your nights on your low dollar business?

  • Have you bought course after course that just turns out to be a flash in the pan… or never works in the first place?

  • Tired of having little or no success building traffic and making affiliate sales… while everyone around you rakes in the bucks?

It’s OK. It’s Not Your Fault.

It isn’t easy to get off the J.O.B. treadmill, when most of the courses and methods out there are just the same old tires, retreaded over and over.

You need something different…

Something that actually works…

From someone who’s actually DOING what they teach.

(Dirty little secret: Most of the training out there comes from people who aren’t in the trenches like you are — they’re gurus making their money by selling you their courses… over and over again.)

Hello, I’m Fletcher Prescott.

I’m that guy who’s in the trenches, working a real business that you could be doing yourself. (Well, I wouldn’t really call it work… you’ll see what I mean.)

And I’m the guy that made the money in those screenshots. (Yes, they’re real, and yes, I’ve been doing that for years and continue to do so.)

But it wasn’t always like this for me. I was once a slave to a J.O.B. just like you.

I used to sit in traffic, wasting an hour of my life away, going to AND from work.

I used to think to myself, what could I be doing with those two hours? That’s 10 hours a week, 500 hours a year…

Over 20 DAYS of my life, sitting in my crappy car, going to a J.O.B. I didn’t like.

How much time do you waste just going to and from work? And even if it isn’t as much as I used to waste, what about the time you blow making someone else rich?

Isn’t that a kick in the shorts? You work your days away, and what do you get in return?

  • A meager paycheck…
  • The indignity of having to beg for a raise…
  • Someone else pockets the profits… and
  • You end up out on your butt if you sneeze in the wrong direction.

So, yeah, I was in the same boat as you.

I spent a year or two flailing around, buying the same courses you have, and experiencing failure after failure.

All I wanted was a way to replace my J.O.B. so I could make money on my own terms, and have more time to spend with my new family.

Was that so much to ask?

It Took Me Awhile… But Then I Found It.

And the best part was… I figured it out on my own.

Just like everyone else, I was addicted to Facebook. I had my friends and all that, but I also had a lot of Pages and Groups that I was involved with.

It was the Pages that caught my eye.

I started looking at the ones I was following, the ones that always had posts showing up in my feed.

I was amazed when I saw that some of them had millions of people following them. I thought, damn…

If that many people were paying attention to this one Page… There HAS to be some money in it… Somewhere… Somehow.
And what were these Page owners doing? Just posting a bunch of funny junk.

I thought… I could do that. It looks fun. And the money is in there somewhere.

So I started learning. And experimenting. And failing. And succeeding. And trying new things.

And I started winning.

Long story short, I told my J.O.B. to shove it, and now I’m running an empire of Facebook Pages that put money in my pocket in many different ways.

When I want to “work,” I work for about an hour a day, mostly posting funny stuff to my Pages. (I told you earlier that I hesitate to call it “work.”)

Look… My Life Is Awesome Now.


(Except for the suit. I don’t wear a suit. No reason to!)

I’m making way more than my J.O.B. ever paid me…
I have plenty of time to enjoy life with my family…
…But I haven’t forgotten the constant struggle to keep your head above water.

After a few years of this, I realized that it’s time for me to give back.

There’s more than enough room for tons of people to be doing this.

And nobody is sharing the secrets.

Until now.



Postblazer is not some run-of-the-mill get-rich-quick b#&$$#& course, repackaged in a new wrapper.

Postblazer gives you what you need to get going, making money in a fun and easy way, with no-cost methods.

Get ready for something fresh and proven, something you CAN do, starting right now.

Here’s What You Get…



The Postblazer Video Training

In this simple, easy-to-follow training, we take you by the hand and walk you through getting started.

You’ll discover what you need to know to dive in and be making money as soon as this week.

Part-time, with no expensive ads or traffic buys. No products, no websites, no email lists, and no tech skills.


The Bonus Setup Training

You’ll need to setup your Facebook Pages in order to succeed. There are right ways… and wrong ways.

In this special bonus training, I dive into how I set up my Facebook Pages… my way, the right way.

Even if you think you know how to setup a Facebook Page, you’ll want to watch this special bonus training.

Follow the steps in this video every time you set up a new Facebook Page, and you’ll be on the path to success.


Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside Postblazer:

  • Why Facebook Pages And Not Groups… Everyone says start a Group… Here’s why they’re WRONG…

  • Why Negative Comments Are GOOD… Positive comments on your posts are great… but negative comments can be so much more profitable!

  • Why Your Ego Is Your Enemy… Make your Page about yourself and it will fail… Here’s who and what your page SHOULD be about…

  • How To Avoid The Biggest Pitfall… Do what most people do and you will NOT be successful… Get this right and you’re WAY ahead of the game…

  • What A Page That Has Millions Of Followers REALLY Looks Like… I let you spy on one of my busiest pages, including stats…

  • Endless Supplies Of Free Content… You think I write all my posts? NO. Here are my sources of free content you’re SUPPOSED to share…

  • What Exactly Makes A Post Go Viral… The connection between Page topic and post content, explained by a master…

  • Watch A Post Go Viral… I show you exactly how I post my content on a busy page, so it gets thousands of reactions and shares in minutes…

  • How Traffic Jacking Can Help Build Your New Page’s Audience… Two ethical, accepted methods for getting other Pages’ followers to visit yours — the RIGHT way…

  • Not One But TWO Smart Zero-Cost Ways To Make Money From Your Page… The Lazy Way — make this simple post and let your Page visitors do the marketing for you… and The Free Content Way — get paid for posting completely free content…

The best part is that this is NOT rocket science.

You DO NOT have to be a social media expert (if you can browse Facebook, you can do this)…

You DO NOT have to be a great content writer (you might not have to write anything at all)…

You DO NOT have to devote months to this (you could start making money as soon as this week)…

You DO NOT need products, websites, emails lists, or tech skills (why complicate things?)…

This is NOT one of those loopholes or unethical blackhat garbage that only works for a short time…

And… IT’S FUN.

Here’s What Others Are Saying About Postblazer…

Gene Pimentel

I’ve seen a lot of trainings over the years. Postblazer is definitely impressive. Very nicely presented, easy to understand. This is very nice, and I can see how Fletcher is making big money with this. Postblazer has the potential to change some lives here.


Donna Merrill

This course is excellent. Nice job, Fletcher! You have a truly amazing value here.


David Perdew

Postblazer looks like something I can stand behind longterm. Many other social media trainings have disappointed me, this is totally different. Fletcher’s pages get some amazing interaction, seeing how easily he does it is amazing. When one silly post gets shared over 9,000 times, I can see how Fletcher is making money. This is kind of brilliant.



If you’re tired of blowing your hard earned money on crap that doesn’t end up being real, I get it. I was there with you.

I still pick up offers from time to time out of curiosity. And most of it is just that… crap.

With Postblazer, you’ll discover what you need in order to start doing EXACTLY what I’M doing… instead of wasting time at a J.O.B. that pays MUCH less.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Postblazer is covered by my full 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. I’m so sure about Postblazer, you can literally devour every piece of content inside this course, apply it, and if for some reason you still want your money back within 30 days, you can have it. Simple as that.

In Other Words… It’s Risk Free!


  • Postblazer Video Training
    Retail Value: $97

  • Bonus Setup Video Training
    Retail Value: $67


When You Can Get It Today For Only:


Total Value: $164


See You Inside!

Fletcher Prescott

Pat Flanagan

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Postblazer?
    Inside the Postblazer video training, you’ll discover what you need to get started building and making money from Facebook Pages.

  • How Is The Training Delivered?
    You get full ongoing access to the easy-to-follow Postblazer video training. It is an interview with Fletcher Prescott, where he shows exactly what he does and how he does it.

  • How Long Does It Take To Make Money?
    You can be making money in as little as a week. The time will vary based on your dedication.

  • Can A Newbie Make Money With Postblazer?
    If you follow the directions in Postblazer, setup your Pages properly, and follow the smart niche selection process taught, a newbie can definitely make money with Facebook Pages.

  • Do I Need Technical Skill?
    No. You can follow along with Fletcher’s video training.

  • Do I Need A Website?

  • Do I Need An Email List?

  • Do I Need A Product?

  • How Much Money Can I make With Postblazer?
    Fletcher quit his job and makes much better than a full time income. He started part-time and then dedicated himself to this full-time. If you show dedication and follow what Fletcher teaches, the sky is the limit.

  • Is Postblazer Guaranteed?
    Yes. Your Postblazer purchase is protected by our no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee. If you find this is not for you, let us know within 30 days of your purchase and you will receive a refund of your purchase price.

  • How Do I Get Started With Postblazer?
    That’s easy… Click the button below!


Total Value: $164

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