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 Module 1 – My Complete Facebook Page Training 

You’ll discover exactly how to grow your social media presence step-by-step as quickly as possible. Building your pages from 0 to tens of thousands of targeted and engaged followers who love your content, share it with their friends and snowball your brand for viral marketing growth. This ensures you’ll have an audience which is primed to buy.

  • The Bulls-Eye Building Tactic… The two crucial choices you must make first for best chance at success…

  • The Color Psychology Brain Tweak… Tapping into the minds of your prospective audience to pull them like a magnet…

  • The Secret Section Your Competition Is Ignoring… Set up this single section of your Page like a pro and you’ll draw in followers without trying…

  • Facebook Page Fertilizer… No manure here, watch over my shoulder and discover the ways to grow your page the way I do it.

  • And much much more…

 Module 2 – My Complete Monetization Training 


I’ll show you a cookie-cutter formula on how to monetise your booming social media accounts, turning them into money making machines even whilst you sleep. You’ll also learn how to time your posts the RIGHT way for maximum effectiveness, whilst bypassing page-destroying content and promotion mistakes most marketers make.
  • The Viral Content Gravity Principle… Why your posted content is the center of everything…

  • The “Mini Amazon” Money Method… How to quickly and easily make a money spinner out of content you already have…

  • The Upfront Payment Money Method… Get paid before you even post with this “so obvious, everyone misses it” method…

  • Scaling Up From Page To Empire… I spill all my inside secrets here, so you can go from Page owner to Empire owner, like me.

  • And much much more…

 Module 3 – My Complete Agency Training 

I’ll show you how to start managing massive accounts on behalf of high-paying clients, and getting them the results they’ve been looking for with social media, but could never achieve themselves. This means they’ll literally pay you ANYTHING you ask at the drop of a hat, so you can diversify your income and have multiple streams of cash pouring in at once.

Don’t be scared by the work, I’ll show you how to do it with little or no work at all! I use this method all the time to instantly drop stacks of cash into my lap.

  • The Agency Advantage… How to easily open your own social media marketing agency, doing what you’re already doing…

  • Setting Yourself Up For Success… My guide on what you should offer and how much to charge, for maximizing profits…

  • Getting The Perfect Clients… Don’t mess with problem customers or low-money clients, here’s how to get the right people with the right money in front of you…

  • Grow Your Agency By Being Lazy… Here are my secrets for getting others to do the work, so you sit back and profit.

  • And much much more…

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